By Akash Kumar

One of the world’s most competitive exams IIT-JEE just concluded and a new batch of students are set to march to the IIT kingdom. Thanks to the social media and blogs, everyone has a fair share of information about this magical land. All JEE enthusiasts, wonder and discuss about the IIT, their dream institutes. However, like a game of Chinese whispers, a lot of information is twisted and turned. We all keep believing these myths floating around in our society before someone comes up and debunks them. So here is a small list:

pic1     1. INR 1+ crore Jobs

We all know the story of that Sharma Ji’s Son (#no offence), who landed  with a job with 1+crore p.a. The true fact, media blows up everything. The salaries in crores are highly misleading because they are foreign offers with salaries converted from dollars to rupees. Not going into technical details, these offers are limited to handful of students, and the median salary of iitians range from 8-9 lakhs CTC.

     2. Socially inept geeks.

Some are, but most of them aren’t. In fact we are one of the most socially active people(online even at 4 a.m. :-p ). There are many events going on in campus which are conceptualized, managed and organised by us. And, there is no second thought to the range of talent which one can find here. You name what you’re good at, and you will find someone better than you in the campus!

     3. Profs are God

            This will be the major difference between your +2 life and here. Gone are the days, when you will be spoon fed, and you will happily take down notes of what is scribbled on the blackboard. Classes will be a mundane task. But, professors are not to be blamed. Maybe some professors have different style of teaching but mostly students are to be blamed for their not-so-caring attitude towards academics.

      4. Girlfriends

Beta ek baar IIT mein chale jao, Jannat hai, Jannat!!!!!!”


    10:1 sex ratio, Enough said.

     5. Have to study day and night

             Not all of us. Most of the students study just days ahead of exam and still gets above average marks. Most of the time is spent in different co-curricular activities in different clubs. And, then there is always luxury of LAN gaming and TV Series.

     6. 5 star hostels

             The condition of your rooms would be well below par. But, a year stay at your hostel you would realize this won’t even matter. You are going to love the hostel and its denizens, despite all the shortcomings.

     7. Your greatest achievement is JEE Rank

              Congratulations on being admitted to the most prestigious college ,but don’t be in a delusion. IIT is not a goal but a stepping stone to achieve it. For most of you the biggest achievement till date is cracking the JEE. But your stay at IIT will change your perception forever!

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