Musings of a Day Scholar

By Udiyaman Shukla

As I passed through the IITD Main Gate for the first time, the oversized letters on the left that said ‘Indian Institute of Technology Delhi’ looked eerily familiar.

Having resided in New Delhi for several years, I had found myself staring at those letters on many occasions in the past, and the fact that I had finally gained admission in my ‘Dream College’ was difficult to fathom.

I soon got to know that the proximity of my home to college was taken as a sufficient excuse to not allot me a hostel room. So there I was, a Day-scholar or ‘attachee‘ as we are popularly known.

Yes, we are those studious Delhiites who always turn up for classes on time and at the end of the day, slip away quietly to the (AC) comfort of our homes. While the rest of the IIT janta has to deal with mess(y) food, we relish our ‘Ghar ka khaana‘. Many of us (initially) cannot even name all 13 hostels on campus!

It may seem that day scholars get the best of both worlds, I mean who wouldn’t want to be one…




Why is it that as we snuggle into our cozy blankets, we think about what it would be like to share a hostel room with roommates? Why is it that we notice a sense of fraternity amongst hostellers that we feel we will never be able to experience? And why do we see IIT as an institution and not as ‘home’ like everyone else does?

Is there something special about living on campus that compensates for the not-so-great food and level of comfort? Perhaps it’s the opportunity to have friends as neighbors. Or maybe the various campus activities that keep one busy late into the night. Or perhaps the privilege of relaxing with a cup of coffee at Nescafe after a session of group study at the library.

So for all you brand new attachees out there, relish your on campus life, spend time at Nescafe or the library! The clubs at IITD are as much for day scholars as they are for hostellers so don’t hesitate to explore them. Stay overnight at a friend’s room if you have to and learn about your hostel’s culture. There is so much happening on campus all time and all you need is the desire to get involved.

So just go ahead and explore!

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