Is IIT a Boy’s World?

By Saumya Goyal

Getting admission to IIT Delhi is nothing short of a frenzy. When you’re preparing to leave home – your safe haven, for the very first time, there are a million things to do and hardly any time to sit around and scrutinize your feelings. There are always more clothes to be packed, more of those homemade snacks to keep, more things to buy and emergency trips to the chemist to get the medicines that you forgot. As the day of departure approaches, many different emotions emerge: anxiety and excitement of the college life that awaits, apprehensiveness about the people you will meet, nervousness, loneliness and homesickness.

However, one thought which constantly replays in every girl’s mind who is entering IIT is the skewed gender ratio. The thought of being crowded in a campus with testosterone fueled boys who are 10 times in number, is surely a scary one. There are so many apprehensions in the mind of a girl right from getting subjected to a constant stare game, the nonstop friend requests on facebook, what to do if a guy approaches her, what would be decent to wear, will guys pass comments about her to how will she mingle with guys and become friends with the right guys.

It is not an ideal world and the skewed ratio does have an impact on our everyday life more than we would like to admit. But it is only after spending sometime in IIT that you will realize that most of the boys do not act in this crazy, devoid ­of­ female­ contact kind of way. Many times they will go out of their way to make you feel comfortable in this environment. As you break out of your shell and explore the multitude of avenues that an IIT environment offers, you will make numerous friends (many of whom will be guys), who will be your friends for life.

IIT provides us with a lot of freedom which our society in general does not allow for girls, for instance girls hostels don’t have a curfew or restrictions on what one has to wear or what time one needs to be back by. So its upto you to decide and use this sort of freedom. Being alert and aware is good and advisable but being scared isn’t. You eventually learn how to be friends/colleagues with boys and work with them on projects and assignments. You also come to realize that as much as you need your girl friends, guys make for awesome friends ­too. They are usually honest, less dramatic and don’t over think things. Being part of the minority isn’t all that bad. You receive a lot of attention. You learn to break communication barriers and step out of your comfort zone. It might be easier for some girls and might take longer for some others but eventually you ease into the system. Not every boy who tries to talk to you is a creep or wants to date you. There will be boys who are like minded and make wonderful friends and some who aren’t and that’s something you start figuring out on your own as you start living there and meeting people from all walks of life. The experience of being around guys and competing with them at every step of the way will make you quite fearless. All said and done, it is a great learning lesson. Always remember that experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted!

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