The House of Bricks

By Harsh Parikh

It took me immense courage and energy to walk into this building and accepting it as my home for next four years. But since that moment, it has always been my place to rest, my place to live, my place to eat and my place to cheer. It brings tears to my eyes when I foresee the day when I will have to leave this beautiful House of Bricks.
Yes! I am talking about the Hostel at IIT Delhi.

Ever witness the India’s world-cup final match. Ever experienced that feeling when you cheered for it. Ever felt the spring of nationhood at that moment. So is the hostel-hood at IIT. Love, Affection, Attachment and Emotions make a hostel. A spirit of “Do anything for the Best” defines the hostel life in IIT Delhi.

Let me introduce with the walls of the house.
The dreams of being ragged and the dreams of me eating inedible mess food always haunted me post my selection to IIT Delhi. I started losing my sleep because of this issue. But finally, it was inevitable, and I had to walk across the wall which I feared and eat the food that I was presuming to be inedible. But that was the moment of truth, and it was then I really felt the peace amidst those walls.
The hostels of IITD are not merely buildings of non-living bricks but are rather thriving families of bonding, love and care.

IITD hostel life is more like a humongous family, Where you share your table with your mates for lunch and dinner, Where you share the moments of joy, sadness, anxiety, love, care and affection, Where you dream about fortunes with your kin and kith.

~The First Sight~
Like your nationhood is prealloted when you are born, so are the hostels prealloted when you hop into IITD. Like you don’t have choice on who will be your brothers and sisters, you too don’t have choice on who will be your room-mates in first year.

When you first come to IITD, technically, you are alloted either a twin sitter or triple sitter room, but believe me you never ever practically live in a twin or triple sitter room. You live in an ‘n’ sitter room where ‘n’ is a large number. At the end of the day, all of you just hop in a room and do all kind of random things, and you will just enjoy doing all random arbitrary moments that you share in that ‘n’ sitter room. Movies, Games, “Bakaiti”, etc.

~Mending You~
Hostels in IIT are equipped with basic amenities, for sports, cultural activities and chronicle life. Hostels do have a phenomenal mess which becomes mundane as the time passes but no worries it is still edible.

Coming to the most important part of the Hostel culture which is like the beginning knot which ties you to life of the hostel. It is referred by different names in different hostels, somewhere it is mess meeting, somewhere it is common room meeting while others call it freshers’ meeting. It might sound daunting on first hand but there is no need to be afraid of it, infact it is the point when you will meet the seniors esp. the ones who are representatives or secretary of some or the other clubs. They make you know each other and familiarize with the culture of the hostel. It is like how parents, relatives and elders make you and your being, so are the seniors to you, building you up, teaching you how to tackle the first wave of the IIT life. Some might be rude, like a grumpy aunt while others might be calm and polite like caring parents, but all they wish is your good. The very first moment, you learn the hostel moto and cheer in the loudest of your volumes. That moment marks the beginning of the bond that you will share for ages

~I want to live for the House~
Remember that moment of The Taj attack, Bombay. Most us felt that I want to live for the Nation. The zealous moment, the gust that gave you goosebumps.
You are going to feel exactly same feeling, during each competition, during each event and during it moment of your IIT life. Well, unlike the Taj incident when you felt anger on Pakistan Government, the feeling would be quite positive and healthy. The best part of Hostel life that I feel is the unity that you feel and the motivation of doing better than the best. It helps you to push the limits far beyond your parochial imagination. But at the same time you have phenomenally good friends across the hostels, across the departments which makes the life in IIT even stronger.

~The Exam Moment~
If there is no one left in the world who can save you from the wrath of the the examination, you surely have hostel-mates to empathize with you. Every hostel, no exception has the exam chronicles: where one of your mates teaches you all you have skipped in the class because of last night lack of sleep, where you have Night-out because it is exam but you study absolutely nothing, where you have the best food of your life at night mess and where you learn the philosophy of life. Had you been studying in your home, IITD majors and minors would be another series of school exams but believe me IITD hostel makes all the difference, when you feel the moment of disaster is so near that you can do nothing but fight! You never studied this way nor will you ever study this way ever in life except in IIT.

~The ‘Host’el~
Hostel is your home, your house, your throne, your castle and your blanket shielding you from all the seasons of  IIT life and providing you the sword to fight and win the life!

You are more than just a student of IITD. You are resident of a hostel, a dept mate, a room mate, performance partner, lab partner, a think tank, the future of the Nation.
Hostel life is the most wonderful part of the IIT life which you will miss throughout your life !!!

Like in a Nation you have no choice but follow rules, no choice but bear the evilness of the system and of the condition, no choice but keep fighting.
But the only choice that you get is:
A) You enjoy every bit of IIT life
B) Sit and complain about pathetic life

And I am pretty certain that through your time in IIT Delhi, you will all choose option A.

Wish you a great IIT Life! Meet you all soon!

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