IITD College Fests

– Arneish Prateek

– Co-authored by Soham Roy

The highlight of every year is our very own cult fest – Rendezvous! We are pretty sure you would have heard of the awe associated with Rdv and its sheer scale if you are from the north. After all it is north India’s biggest cultural fest! Rdv nights are the craziest nights to say the least – moments during those four days are some of the most cherished memories. Many spectacular things happen: so many breath-taking performances from students of colleges all over India, so many random activities to participate in, the awesome musical nights! Practically, all of IIT is up all-night socialising with visitors from other colleges – the WindT is packed with junta sitting around in circles playing random games with friends, folks roaming around the campus aimlessly – enjoying and taking in every moment lest it should not last long, the good-food-starved IITians devouring at everything they can get their hands on, selfie-obsessed junta tapping away happily with new friends they made on campus…we can go on and on. One very interesting feature observed during Rdv is that the sex-ratio at IIT gets inverted. We often joked that the number of girls on campus during Rdv made it seem like it was a fest at a girl’s college. The most awaited event at Rdv is the concert on the closing night, by some of the most well-known faces in the music industry. In Rdv’14, it was Arijit Singh and KK among other artists who thrilled us with their performance! Many of the guest lectures we mentioned before take place during these days. Trust the BRCA secys to make Rdv the fun-filled and memorable event it is.

Apart from Rendezvous, IITD students organise other literary, technical and sports fests like Literati, Tryst, Speranza, and Sportech during the year. Every fest has something new and different to offer. The common feature is that they all witness some tough contests – from RoboWars during Tryst to Book-contests during Literati to inter-college games during Sportech.

The literary and youth fests, Literati and Speranza respectively are held simultaneously in campus. There are events like word games, literature quizzes and photography workshops during Literati. Celebrated authors deliver lectures and interact with students. Speranza (‘Hope’ in Italian) is a fest by the youth, for the youth and of the youth. It comprises events like film festival, talk-shows, interactive sessions on youth issues and cultural activities like plays. This fest fills up every student with a lot of spirit, passion and zeal – three words embossed in the motto of Speranza. .

Sportech and Tryst, the sports and technical fests respectively are organised simultaneously. Sportech comprises numerous events like Athletics, Cricket, Football, Tennis, Mini Marathon as well as informal ones like Futsal, Tennis ball Cricket. Tryst encompasses a vast range of activities – from youth parliament to aeromodelling, from LAN gaming to monopoly, from RoboWars to technical quizzes – it is a delight to watch enthusiastic participants fight it out. Tryst is also famous for its lecture series which sees some well-known personalities from the world-over. This year, the organisers invited the IgNobel prize winner, and the architect of Burj Khalifa among others.The IITD Parliametary Debate is also organised during Tryst; it witnesses some fierce debating among talented folks from all prominent Delhi colleges!.

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