Campus and city-life

– Arneish Prateek

– Co-authored by Soham Roy


One of our friends during our JEE days, once so accurately (and so eloquently) described studying in Delhi, and especially at IITD as an engineering aspirant’s wet dream. (That he himself is presently in IIT-Madras is a separate issue). There’s good reason why everyone loves Delhi. For the national capital is a city like no other. Its charm captivates one and all. Its sheer awesomeness and the plethora of opportunities it offers for one’s growth is unique and unmatched. Therefore, it often is a powerful motivation for so many students whilst choosing a campus. From our own first-year experiences at IITD, we can assure you that you will be offered the best exposure here, which would have significantly added to your value by the time you graduate, over and above what you gain from classrooms.

Guest lectures by eminent personalities are a regular feature here: from Nobel prize winners to successful entrepreneurs, from well-known politicos to passionate DRDO & Navy engineers, from the awe-inspiring IITD alumni to leading astrophysicists and scientists from the world over, from Bollywood actors to social entrepreneurs cum activists, from the most creative innovators to stars in the sporting world, from technocrats to world-renowned authors, from top bureaucrats and foreign secretaries of states to presidents of multinationals (who are more often than not ex-IITians themselves) – you will get opportunities to listen to what these incredibly successful people have to say. You will learn so much from them, gain much more inspiration; you will hear of newer ideas and modern technical advancements, gain insights into scientific discoveries and social issues you weren’t aware of before, and as a result of all this, you will grow. You will stand more informed of the infinite possibilities out there. You will realise that IITD is so much more than just about engineering!

The exposure we are talking of is not just limited to the seminars at IITD. You see, Delhi is home to some of the country’s most prestigious universities, colleges and research centres. That’s an added advantage, for you will get opportunities to participate in inter-college events and other college fests and gain new experience. College fests in Delhi are also quite a lot of fun! Moreover, Delhi & NCR, being a business hub, is the birthplace of so many startups (many by IITD grads), which means no dearth of internship opportunities for interested students in NCR with these or even in other research institutes.

The IITD campus is located in the heart of Delhi. It enjoys close proximity to some of the most exciting and happening places in the city, especially the Hauz Khas village, the most popular hangout spot among the IIT junta. Though the smallest campus amongst all the older IITs, you get an idea of how vast IITD is when you realise it takes close to fifteen minutes to reach insti from the boys’ hostel gate on foot. And also from the fact that girls’ hostel is situated no less than two kilometres from the boys’! (No…! We know exactly what you’re thinking. But really, when did that EVER come in the way of, err… “mingling”…with the other-end junta, we ask!). Within the campus, the most popular rendezvous point is the WindT, a passage right under the main building. It’s the adda for IIT junta and the favourite place for midnight birthday celebrations (and of course, the dreaded GPLs! And the real (-ly painful) birthday surprise is when you see random junta take out their chappals! Just kidding.) You will find a few eating outlets in the insti area. Truth be heard, they aren’t that great except perhaps CCD – another popular students’ adda. However, the SDA Market right outside the campus offers some pretty good choices for foodies!
It goes without saying that IITD provides for its students the best of sports facilities – from exclusive grounds and courts for all outdoor activities ever conceived, to an Olympic-size pool and a gym in the Students’ Activity Centre (SAC) with professional coaches to train students. Not only sports, IITD has numerous Recreational, Academic, Technical, Business and Social-service Clubs headed by passionate secretaries and comprising equally motivated students – like the infamous Robotics Club, Coding Club, axlr8r – IITD’s very own (and highly popular) FormulaOne Racing team, IGeM (International Genetically-engineered Machine), the extremely talented Dance and Music societies, the formidable Debating Society, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (eDC) and ENACTUS-IITD to name just a few. Before long, many students discover a passion for one or more of these activities and find themselves devoting all their free time to this cause! We aren’t exaggerating (much) when we say that these clubs are going to play the most significant role in shaping you!
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