An attachee gets himself a room

– Arpit Singh

Perhaps the thing I was most excited about before coming to IIT was the hostel life. So its natural that I was upset on knowing that I was attached to Shivalik hostel. The Dean’s letter had stated that Delhites living beyond 15km would be considered for hostel rooms after the orientation. For once I thought I would miss out. My house was about 12-13 km away. It was unfair. I talked to people on the freshers group and I was reassured that if my problem was genuine, I should get a room.

So I talked to the caretaker. He said yes one person can be accommodated, but not without the Dean’s permission. So I wrote an application to the Dean. Sure my house was 13 km away, but commuting daily takes time.

For me the problem was that there was direct metro or bus route. And you could never rely on the bus timings, especially in the evenings. Plus, I found the dhakka mukki as a passenger very tiring. And if ever there was a late night event here, either it was miss the event or reach home around 12 or later.

I included these reasons in my letter. It included a few trips to the Dean’s office, sometimes he was busy sometimes he wasn’t there but I finally got the associate dean’s sign. Oh yeah, I almost forgot there is a small form you need to submit too available just outside his office.
Now in my case, the problems were genuine. Of course, there were others with even greater issues and still others who could just easily manage without a room.

I got the room three weeks after the classes started. If you really have issues in not having a room, you eventually should get a room. It may take time depending on circumstances. Just be perseverant. And if you really live close by, well, there is a genuine space crunch and it’s only fair that those who can’t manage without a room get it first.

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